Introducing Biz Directory MW

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Biz Directory MW, accessed at, is an easy to use online directory of businesses, products and services in Malawi. The directory serves as a meeting place for businesses/service providers and potential customers in Malawi. Customers may also rate and review the QUALITY of the services provided thus also giving customers a platform to comment on the services rendered to them by a business or service provider.

Biz Directory MW targets three kinds of clientele:
  • Large businesses and service providers may showcase their products and services on this platform hence meeting more potential customers
  • Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) may also have their businesses listed so that potential customers may know them and contact them accordingly when needing some service/product
  • Youths who are skilled and self-employed, e.g. in carpentry, plumbing, designing, etc, can use this platform to have their contacts and skills listed so that potential customers may easily access them hence promoting self-employment, job creation and self-reliance among youths in Malawi
The main aim of Biz Directory MW is to link up businesses and service providers in Malawi, from Nsanje to Chitipa, whether large or small, with potential customers such that at a click of a button, customers should be able to access information on potential service providers at a given location. Propelled by a powerful search engine, for example, a search "plumbers Karonga" should list all potential plumbers in Karonga, a search "restaurant Lilongwe" should list all potential restaurants in Lilongwe, etc

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