An Easy Way to Make Presentation Slides in LaTex

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I was looking for a quick and easy way to create slides for a presentation in LaTex. Microsoft PowerPoint was not an option to me since I am documenting my research work in LaTex. I then stumbled upon Beamer, a LaTex class for creating presentations. This LaTex class is wonderful for the following reasons:

  • Its very easy to install. Just download it, unzip it, then drop the folder in your latex packages directory and lastly update the latex file name database. Then you are ready...
  • Its syntax is very easy... A "frame" for a slide, etc.
  • You can get very neat PDF presentation on the fly!
  • I love the hyperlink feature when you have the presentation in PDF
  • You have a choice of themes for your slides. Currently, my best theme is BerkeleyUS

Interested? Then just head to Am currently using Beamer with MikTex and of course with that great Tex\Latex IDE called TexNicCenter. TeXnicCenter is a great open source Latex IDE. You may also give it a try. A comprehensive user guide for the LaTex Beamer class can be found here:



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