My personal review of the Bolt 2.3 mobile browser

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I use Bolt 2.3 on a blackberry curve 8520 and I find it much better than opera mini in terms of ability to display websites as they appear in their desktop versions. Bolt's ability to upload files excellent. Bolt is able to handle AJAX which opera mini miserably fails to do. The ability to use submit and ok when editing a text input area is great unlike in mini opera which can be terrible on simple things like submitting some text.

However Bolt has to improve on stability! It crashes too often. Of course, it recovers from the crashes but certainly it annoys! It also just allows 3 multitabs maximum unlike in mini opera. One other annoying part is its failure to play youtube videos consistently. It normally cuts halfway through and just plays audio and not display the video. Bolt also fails to handle cookies on some websites and I can only login to these sites using mini opera.

Otherwise I use bolt 2.3 more often than mini opera 5.1 on a daily basis because its pros outweigh the cons at least if I compare it with opera mini 5.1 on a curve. I tried to install the UC web browser but I miserably failed to do so on a curve.

My 2 cents!


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