Malawians - are you tired of computer viruses?

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Fellow Malawians!

Are you tired of computer viruses on your computer? Its time to make a switch to Ubuntu Linux, a free and open source operating system that can completely change your computing experience:

  1. Ubuntu Linux is free (no need to buy it or use pirated ('stolen' software)).

  2. Ubuntu Linux is user-friendly just as Microsoft Windows.

  3. You 'forget' about computer viruses when you use Ubuntu Linux.

  4. Malawi as a country in general can save a lot of the much needed forex if people can switch to Linux (its free software and no need to buy expensive anti-viruses which unnecessarily increases our already bloated import bill)

  5. Companies and other institutions can substantially save on their IT budget if they can switch to Ubuntu Linux (its free software and no need to buy expensive anti-viruses)

  6. Installation is easy and you can do side by side installation with Microsoft Windows so that you can try Ubuntu Linux while still having your Microsoft Windows intact.

You can get your free copy of Ubuntu Linux (in Blantyre) by calling on 01988998, 0991451553, 0884188893, 0999111736, 0888585707. You may also contact any member of the Blantyre Free and Open Source Users group -

Also feel free to share your copy of Ubuntu Linux with all. Its not illegal to do so because this is free and open source software.

Please help to spread this word by letting as many people as possible to know about this.

Yours in Service,



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