Malawi and a Green Revolution in Africa?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Here are some of the articles that I have been collecting on Malawi and the debatable topic of a possible green revolution in Africa. With rising global food prices, food production is becoming a very big global issue as the world tries to find a solution to this crisis.

  1. How the rich world can help Africa help itself (Financial Times)
  2. Africa green revolution possible - Prof. Jeffrey Sachs (PSD Blog - World Bank group)
  3. Lessons from Malawi Food Policy (Cambridge Forecast Group blog)
  4. Dealing with Global Food Prices (International Herald Tribune)
  5. Malawi's farming revolution sets the pace in Africa (The Independent - UK)
  6. Sachs to EU: Food Aid Won't Solve Crisis (BusinessWeek)
  7. A Green Revolution for Africa by Kofi Annan (New Scientist - 07 May 2008)
  8. Small can be Beautiful (Inter Press Service - 07 May 2008)
  9. Overlooked in the global food crisis: A problem with dirt (Associated Press - 08 May 2008)


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