Developing 2D Graphics Applications in Java made easy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Building 2D graphics applications using the traditional Java 2D library can be cumbersome and tedious. For me, it was recently that I stumbled on GeoSoft's 2D Graphics Library and Rendering Engine for Java which indeed simplifies the way one can build 2D graphics applications in Java, my current favourite programming language. GeoSoft's 2D library is built on top of Java 2D to allow the development of 2D graphics applications in a high level, easy to use way.

For example, one can create a GWindow as top level graphics node and link it to a Swing panel. After that one can add a GScene which defines viewport and world extents. Thereafter, one can build the graphics hierarchy by GObjects and add it to the scene. GObjects consists of GSegments (polylines ) and other GObjects. One can add style such as colours to objects through the GStyle objects added to any level of the graphics.

You may find a well-written tutorial and documentation on GeoSoft's website.



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